20 North Online

About Us

20 North Online, Inc. is the exclusive supplier sourcing entity for 20North Pvt Ltd. (www.20North.com). As the U.S. operations point for 20 North, we oversee the following:

  • We are the connecting point for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and certain retailers (we refer to them collectively as our merchants) who wish to sell their items in India without the complexities of foreign currency exchange, international shipping or any selling expenses. Merchants work with us in the Supplier Agreement and working out preferred pricing.
  • We also oversee the U.S. freight forwarding operation. This involves receiving merchant packages at our Maryland warehouse and processing those packages quickly for international freight shipments to India.

20 North Online's executive team is lead by Richard Palarea and Christopher Steer; seasoned entrepreneurs and networked individuals with a reach beyond the business of 20 North. Find out more about Rich and Chris and how they might be able to help your business.

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