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What is the e-commerce potential for India

Posted by Rich

At 20 North, we know the huge potential for e-commerce in India. That's why we were one of the first-movers in the marketplace.

This info graphic by ReferralCandy helps the reader to see what the opportunity and potential are:

Infographic - India E-Commerce Potential

credit - ReferralCandy


A new way to work with 20North.com

Posted by Rich

In addition to being the premier channel for US merchants to sell their product to the 50 million qualified buyers in India, 20North.com is readying the launch of an exciting new way to for merchants to work with us.

In the next few weeks, we will be announcing our Deal of the Day (DOD).

Deal of the Day will be available to our shoppers in India as a limited quantity opportunity until sold out. We would like to feature seasonal closeouts, liquidations and other items that we can purchase from merchants in bulk quantities and have you drop ship to us. Here is how we envision this working:

  • Merchants interested in participating would sign up on our DOD merchant form online at www.20north.com (we will announce when this form is ready)
  • Note what type of product you have to offer and your price to us.
  • Note the date when you want to place your item on our DOD calendar for buyers to shop at 20North.com. If your item is not date sensitive, we will coordinate an available DOD date with you.
  • On the date you chose, your product will be featured. At the end of the DOD period (usually 48-hour deal or until sold out), we will transmit the order to you.
  • You get paid in US dollars and ship to our US warehouse in Elkridge, MD
  • We take care of individual labeling, shipping to India, clearing customs and final delivery.

This is a fantastic opportunity to move liquidation units of any kind, however, we cannot sell refurbished items.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity with us, please contact Richard Palarea, Managing Director of 20North Online, Inc.

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Today is Republic Day in India

Posted by Rich

One of the coolest parts about being involved in 20 North here in the US is learning about India; its customs, its culture and about its consumers.

Today is Republic Day in India. Sometimes mistaken for India's independence day by foreigners, the day actually commemorates and celebrates the drafting, formation and anniversary of the Constitution of India.

India's Constitution was drafted by its Assembly over a 166-day period  in open, public sessions. The 308 members of the Assembly signed two copies of the document; one in Hindi and one in English on January 24, 1950. Two days later, on January 26, 1950, the Constitution passed and became the law of the land in India.

The process, resulting document and governing law was commented as "perhaps the greatest political venture since that originated in Philadelphia in 1787",  by American Constitutional authority Granville Austin.

Sir Anthony Eden, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (April 1955 to January 1957), said at the time of the emergence of the Indian Republic, "Of all the experiments in government which have been attempted since the beginning of time, I believe that the Indian venture into parliamentary government is the most exciting. A vast subcontinent is attempting to apply to its tens and thousands of millions a system of free democracy... It is a brave thing to try to do so. The Indian venture is not a pale imitation of our practice at home, but a magnified and multiplied reproduction on a scale we have never dreamt of. If it succeeds, its influence on Asia is incalculable for good. Whatever the outcome we must honour those who attempt it."

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Welcome to ArchBrook Laguna

Posted by Rich

We're thrilled to add ArchBrook Laguna to our list of suppliers.

Who? (you ask)...

ArchBrook Laguna is the name behind many successful retailers, supplying them with the best brands, the hottest products and a streamlined logistics process.

"We were able to knock out about one-third of the hottest demand categories in India with this partnership", stated 20 North Online's managing director, Richard Palarea. "India has an affinity for the well-known brands here and when you mix that with the categories that are in demand like kitchen/housewares, computers and personal electronics, we have a real winner for both India and 20 North in ArchBrook Laguna. We couldn't be more thrilled."

With more than twenty-five years of experience, ArchBrook Laguna has developed strong, lasting partnerships with both vendors and customers that have shaped the way it does business; as a result, it offers a full range of technology products with reliable delivery and unparalleled service.

The brands that will be available to the marketplace in India include: Altec Lansing, AOC, Belkin, Buffalo Technology, Bushnell, Canon, CTA Digital, Eagle, Epson, Ergomotion, Excalibur, Fuji, Garmin, GPX, Griffin, Hewlett Packard, JVC, JWIN, LG Electronics, Lowrance, Magellan, Midland, Mitsubishi, Mobile Edge, Monsoon, Monster, Nextar, Navigon, Navman, Olympus, Optoma, Philips, Pioneer, Razer, Samsung, SanDisk, Sharp, Sony, Spectrum Musical Instruments, Swann, Sylvania, Therasage, Tom Tom, Toshiba, Transcend, Wagan, WowWee, … and more.

Welcome aboard, ABL. We look forward to a meaningful partnership with you.

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Welcome to Rock Bottom Golf

Posted by Rich

Welcome to our newest merchant, Rock Bottom Golf.

Rock Bottom golf has evolved from an eBay hobby into one of the worlds top online discount golf retailers. Ranked #287 of the Top 500 Internet Retailers by Internet Retailer Magazine, Rock Bottom Golf's website plays host to over 4,000 SKUs and almost 700,000 monthly online visitors.

"Until a few years ago, golf in India was the pursuit of a small elite group, but is rapidly gaining popularity in an increasingly affluent and corporate India.  However,  limited choice or high prices continue to be a barrier for many", stated Jawad Ayaz, CEO of 20 North. He continued,

"The 20North partnership with Rock Bottom Golf will now bring to India's golfing community the same incredible deals on top quality golf equipment that are available in the US. All the top brands and latest models will now be available for online purchase in rupees and delivery to the doorstep in India at deeply discounted prices."

The Economic Times published a piece this year about the golf marketplace in India (Triggers present growth for golf in India) in which they noted the marketplace is currently small, but "in the long run, India could be a several hundred million dollars of equipment sales market", stated Tom Yang, president (international) for Callaway Golf. The article went on to note that there are currently 250 golf courses and very few driving ranges. The standard of living, purchasing power and people interested in golf is growing rapidly. Do the math: if only 5% of the 50 million qualified population end up playing, that's a nice take for those that are there to serve the marketplace.


India: The most attractive retail investment opportunity among growing markets

Posted by Rich

The results are in...and they validate what we already knew.  India is the most attractive retail investment opportunity among growing markets according to the Global Retail Development Index Report by AT Kearny.

This year's report, titled Window of Hope for Global Retailers, noted that the mature markets like the US and the Eurozone suffered at the hands of the global recession. However, developing BRIC economies (Brazil, Russie, India and China) experienced an average of 5.2% growth during the same period.

India, specifically, was singled out as the #1 rank in the 2009 Index, which ranks opportunity based on number of areas such as risk, market attractiveness, market saturation and time pressure. Each category carries 25% of score weight (equal among the four categories). The average of the scores in each category create the Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) score. India scored 68, while #2 Russia scored 60.

The data behind the final score breaks out as:

  • Country Risk: 54, where the scale of  0 is high risk and 100 is low risk
  • Market Attractiveness: 34, where the scale of 0 is low attractiveness and 100 is high attractiveness
  • Market Saturation: 86, where the scale of 0 is saturated and 100 is not saturated
  • Time Pressure: 97, where the scale of 0 isno time pressure  and 100 is urgent to enter

"We feel we're a solution who's time has not only come, but who's time is perfect", stated Richard Palarea, Managing Director for 20 North Online. "If you look at the last two categoris of the GRDI score, you'll see that we solve both of those well. India is a vast and untapped market. The easiest and most economical way to reach so many is through e-commerce."

"With regard to the urgency of entering the market, most U.S. merchants don't have the luxury of putting together large distribution deals or trying to figure out the complexity of reaching the market and the logistics of moving goods into India. With 20 North, we've taken care of all of that. This is truly a plug-and-play opportunity for any U.S. merchant that wants to take advantage of it".

The attractiveness or growing an online brand is supported by a cast of large retailers that have arrived on the scene in India. Most of these entrants are through in-country partnerships, as foreign investment restrictions make it difficult for single brand retailers (and almost impossible for multibrand retailers) to have complete control over its operations in India. Examples of these deals include new wholesale operations for Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Tesco. The world's leading maternity apparel retailer, Destination Maternity, also announced a deal to move its products through Mahindra Retail as a private label brand in India's Mom & Me stores.

Among some of the most interesting opportunities in India are the rural areas; comprising 40 percent of India's $280 billion retail market. Per capita incomes in these areas are rising faster than the rest of the country and the areas have surpassed urban centers in terms of number of households earning $2,000 per year (this is accepted as the point at which consumers start buying select branded products). These households usually start by acquiring various in-home items such as small appliances, kitchenwares and some electronics.

"We have certainly noticed (these items) coming through our distribution network. Convenience appliances and house/kitchenwares are all moving, as well as many items in the entertainment categories such as books, DVDs and music" stated Palarea.


Will India’s hyper-growth pose problems or profits?

Posted by Rich

Bloomberg reports on India's 8.9%  gross domestic product growth rate.  For US companies who want a piece of the fastest growing retail market opportunity in the world, we don't think it's a problem.

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President Obama visits India

Posted by Rich

20 North was interviewed and noted in some recent press coinciding with Obama's visit to India in November, 2010.


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